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Alexandra Macias.jpg

Business Development

Alexandra Macias

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Anastasia Logvinenko.jpg

Co-Founder & CEO at

Anastasia Logvinenko

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Avital Zipori.jpg

Senior Software Engineer, Tech Lead at Google

Avital Zipori

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Aviv Alper.jpg

Senior Director of Research at Start-Up Nation Central

Aviv Alper

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Barr Yaron.jpg

MBA Candidate at Stanford

Barr Yaron

  • LinkedIn
Dafna Amster Kahn.jpg

Partner at Herzog, Fox & Neeman

Dafna Amster Kahn

  • LinkedIn
Gilat Lavian.jpg

General Counsel at iAngels

Gilat Lavian

  • LinkedIn
Irit Sternberg.jpg

Researcher of Ethics, Technology and Design | Head of Service Design @ Mitiga

Irit Sternberg

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Liron Kreiss.jpg

Software Engineer at Cybereason

Liron Kreiss

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Maya Avni.jpg

MBA candidate at Stanford University Graduate School of Business | Product @ Brex | Ex-Google

Maya Avni

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Maayan Shekel-Hanan.jpg

VP R&D at SiteAware

Maayan Shekel-Hanan

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Michael B..jpg

Chief Operations Officer at Hyro

Michael Blumental

  • LinkedIn
Miri Yudovich.jpg

Partner & COO Safehouse Technologies | Techstars Company | Barclays Accelerator powered by Techstars

Miri Yudovich

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Naama Zalzman.jpg

VP Business Development at Vertex Ventures | Forbes 30 Under 30

Naama Zalzman

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Noa Srebrnik.jpg

VP Product at Kymera Labs

Noa Srebrnik

  • LinkedIn
Or Avrahami.jpg

Sales Intelligence Analyst | Community Events Manager @W2W

Or Avrahami

  • LinkedIn
Orit Gruenbaum.jpg

Sales Operations Business Analyst

Orit Gruenbaum

  • LinkedIn
Rotem Gingold.jpg

Product Manager, Insider Threat Management at Proofpoint

Rotem Gingold

  • LinkedIn
Tal Etan.jpg

Oncology Resident at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

Tal Etan

  • LinkedIn
Tal Sofer.jpg

Manager of Israel Cloud Excellence Center at Turbonomic

Tal Sofer

  • LinkedIn
Tal Trosman.jpg

CEO at Dialog Consulting for Human Resources

Tal Trosman

  • LinkedIn
Tamar Haramati.jpg

Head of Innovation at Shibolet & Co.

Tamar Haramati

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Tzlil Grebler Sela.jpg

Controller at JFrog

Tzlil Grebler Sela

  • LinkedIn
Vika Koriakin.jpg

Marketing Manager - Fiverr

Vika Koriakin

  • LinkedIn
Yael Steuerman.jpg

Algorithm Developer at K Health

Yael Steuerman

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