July 16, 2021

Woman2Woman, Unit 8200 graduates mentorship program, launches 6th class

Women2Women was founded to promote women and advance women to key positions in the Israeli economy, and has thus far led five classes of their mentorship program

By: The Jerusalem Post

March 11, 2021

Alumni of IDF's elite intelligence corps win tender to promote women in R&D jobs

Unit 8200 Alumni Association's Woman2Woman program boosts women in Israel's booming tech sector

By: i24 News

March 11, 2021

Unit 8200 alumni aim to bring women back into high tech R&D

A program initiated by members of the 8200 Alumni Association, which includes some 18,000 veterans of the elite IDF technology unit, has won a tender by the Israel Innovation Authority to bring women back into research and development positions in the high tech sector.

By: Israel Hayom

March 8, 2021

Gornitzky & Co. launches mentorship program for young women attorneys

The program is conducted in a unique collaboration with the Woman2Woman organization

By: Globs

March 4, 2021

"Hozrot" program incorporates in high-tech women who were fired because of the COVID-19

31 women participated in the "Hozrot" program

By: Ynet

September 16, 2019

8200 graduates cultivate Israel's future leadership

The Forth Cycle of W2W Mentoring Program.

By: Globes

March 6, 2019

"When There is a Shortage of Talent and Still Women don't Enter - This is a Social Problem"

91% of women believe that they can progress in work like men but estimate their pace of progress in work as slower; The main barrier to advancement in work for women: marital status or motherhood, according to a survey by W2W.

By: Calcalist

March 11, 2018

Why do women not integrate into Israeli high-tech?

In honor of Women's Day, we tried to understand what makes even women in 2018 a minority even in an industry where no one can claim to be inferior to men.

By: Mako

October 25, 2017

Woman2Woman delegation to the US

​Mentorship program helps young, talented women move from potential to excellence.

By: Max Schindler, Jerusalem Post

March 16, 2016

Israeli program nurtures women business leaders

​A new program for advancing women in prominent positions in a range of fields, high tech chief among them, was launched last week in the SOSA ("South of Salame") space in Tel Aviv. The program, entitled "Women2Women", seeks to raise the representation of women at top decision making levels, through mentoring by those who have already made it.

By: Globes

July 14, 2021

Woman2Woman mentoring program encourages younger women to aim high

Opening event featured Chairwoman of the Israel Securities Authority, former head of the Central Bank, former Chief Scientist, among other notable female speakers

By: The Calcalist

March 11, 2021

42% of hitch women fail to combine career and family life

Back2R&D Program

By: Mako

March 11, 2021

Alumni of 8200 unit win tender to boost women in R&D jobs

Woman2Woman program of the 8200 Alumni Association was set up 6 years ago to promote women in the workforce; Microsoft, Dell, Salesforce back the initiative

By: The Times of Israel

March 6, 2021

Aid program for women affected by COVID-19 was launched

A new initiative launched by the Alumni Association of Unit 8200 and the Woman2Woman (W2W) program in collaboration with National Insurance has sought to help women affected by the coronavirus.

By: Enlace Judio

March 2, 2021

"Hozrot" program for the integration of women affected by the corona crisis in high-tech

The organizers of the programs received 400 applications from women; priority was given to single mothers

By: Sponser

August 3, 2019

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

First interview regarding LIFT initiative by the morning show "פותחים יום".

LIFT is an initiative with the goal of engaging and empowering women in organizations.

By: "פותחים יום"

August 3, 2018

For Women’s Day, A Look At 5 Female-Led Initiatives In Israel Tackling The Gender Gap

Woman2Woman (W2W) a community founded to help young women with potential for excellence by connecting them with influential female mentors in key positions.

By: Simona Shemer, NoCamels

May 1, 2018

8200: Why is the Number of Unit Alumnae Integrating Into High-Tech So Low?

If you look at the academy data, you find that the ratio between men and women in undergraduate and graduate degrees is 50:50, but if we look at the picture in the job market, we will find that only 15% of managerial positions in the economy are staffed by women. Where did 35% go?

By: Onlife

October 20, 2016

Israel’s Wonder Women

​Mentorship program helps young, talented women move from potential to excellence.

By: Israel21c

March 14, 2021

IDF intelligence unit alumni work to bring women back to hi-tech

"When it comes to the field of R&D, which is the spearhead of Israeli hi-tech, female representation is still low"

By: The Jerusalem Post

March 11, 2021

The Woman2Woman program set up by graduates of the Israeli army’s elite 8200 tech unit is now getting ready to train women for research and development positions in the nation’s booming tech industry

By: The World News

March 10, 2021

The One and Only: 8200 Alumni Program Wins Tender to Return Women to High-Tech Research and Development Positions

The Woman2Woman program of the 8200 Alumni Association has won a tender from the Innovation Authority to return women to R&D positions in high-tech and will run a project to train them and integrate them into R&D positions. The project will be conducted in collaboration with leading companies in Israeli high-tech

By: Walla!

March 6, 2021

Woman2Woman launch program to help women impacted by COVID-19

The program will help women find opportunities by preparing CV's, LinkedIn pages and identifying personal and professional barriers.

By: The Jerusalem Post

March 1, 2021

The track back to work at high-tech

"Hozrot" program

By: Globes

February 19, 2019

8200 Alumni Enlisted to Promote the Inclusion of More Women in Senior Management Positions

A new program initiated by the prestigious unit association will work to promote the absorption of women in companies in senior positions and to promote women from the organization to senior positions.

By: PC אנשים ומחשבים

March 16, 2018

It's a woman's world

​Fewer than 20% of the senior positions in Israel are held by women. This figure has prompted a group of women from a variety of fields to establish the Woman2Woman initiative, to help propel capable women into key positions in the Israeli workplace.

By: Ariel Gavish, Israel Hayom

November 14, 2017

From Tel Aviv to Boston: Women who lead tech

W2W delegation visit Dell EMC Boston and participate in Women & Business Leadership Event. 

By: People and Computers

August 17, 2016

Geheimdienst-Veteraninnen auf besonderer Mission

​In der Erfolgsgeschichte der israelischen High-Tech-Branche kommen Frauen kaum vor. Drei Veteraninnen jener Geheimdiensteinheit, die als Israels Start-up-Schmiede gilt, wollen das ändern – indem sie ein Netzwerk starker Frauen aufbauen

By: Deine Korrespondentin