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Mentoring program 

From Potential to excellence

As part of the community, W2W operates a prestigious mentorship program for young women facing their first professional “crossroads”. 


The program promotes these young women and leads them to success in fulfilling their goals, from potential to excellence, while developing their personal and professional skills.

At the core of the program is a process of personal mentoring by leading women who were chosen for their leadership and high-level positions within different frameworks of Israeli society: High-Tech, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Law, Business & Strategy, Political Science and the Third Sector. 


Each mentee is paired with a mentor based on their mutual professional framework. Through the mentoring process along with the mentor’s personal success and failures stories, they chart the mentee’s professional and personal course in life.


Throughout the program, the participants take part in professional workshops such as negotiating strategies and networking skills, inspirational lectures and visits to leading companies.

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