Leading change in Israeli society by creating value for young talented women


Influence through inspiration

The Woman2Woman Community was founded as part of the 8200 Alumni Association with the vision of leading change in Israeli society by creating value for young talented women. 

The community provides women the skills to develop their careers by hosting inspirational events and a supportive community.

Our guest speakers include leading women from Israel and abroad who share their insights and practical advice. 


From Potential to excellence

As part of the community, W2W operates a prestigious mentorship program for young women facing their first professional “crossroads”. 


The program promotes these young women and leads them to success in fulfilling their goals, from potential to excellence, while developing their personal and professional skills.

At the core of the program is a process of personal mentoring by leading women who were chosen for their leadership and high-level positions within different frameworks of Israeli society: High-Tech, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Law, Business & Strategy, Political Science and the Third Sector. 


Each mentee is paired with a mentor based on their mutual professional framework. Through the mentoring process along with the mentor’s personal success and failures stories, they chart the mentee’s professional and personal course in life.


Throughout the program, the participants take part in professional workshops such as negotiating strategies and networking skills, inspirational lectures and visits to leading companies.


Leading Impact from Within

LIFT is an initiative with the goal of engaging and empowering women in organizations. Our mission is to impact talented women in the fields of career guidance, relevant knowledge and exposure to leading organizations.


Organizations partnering with LIFT benefit from an exclusive pool of talented women, allowing them to incorporate gender diversity, increase overall women recruitment and advance women to key roles from within.

LIFT includes Community leadership program: an operational platform for scheduling one-time meetings between talented women and leading employees within the organization, providing them with consulting, guidance and insights for their career development.


Female Entrepreneurship Program

Female Entrepreneurship Program was founded as part of the 8200 Alumni Association, with the vision of providing tools for the Israeli women entrepreneurial community that will enable them to establish ventures and start-ups.


Percentage of women entrepreneurs in Israel is very low, comparing to their part in the population due to sociological and educational reasons and lack of appropriate female role models. Thus, the main goal of the program is to increase the number of women entrepreneurs in Israel. 

The program is operated under Woman2Woman and EISP in order to harness both communities and create a strong connection between them.

Among our alumni, you can find an entrepreneur that was accepted to the exclusive "8200 for Startups by EISP" accelerator and the founder of Women's Entrepreneurship Club at Ben Gurion University.

Contact Karin Schwabacher for more detalis: fep8200@gmail.com

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